Xhulio Binjaku is an architectural designer, geographer and writer. He is a graduate of MIT's Master of Architecture program. Currently, he is assisting Curator Hashim Sarkis with La Biennale di Venezia.

Look below for selected projects, and here for publications.

"Other Equators," a project with Milap Dixt, looks at the history and legal standing of mountains in Ecuador as persons and institutions to uphold Rights of Nature. The project was published in Architecture and Action, edited by J. Meejin Yoon and Irina Chernyakova.
"The Issue of Geography," an essay for Log 43, delves into the geometry, geography and history of two famous world maps designed by architect Bernard Cahill and inventor/architect Buckminster Fuller. It tries to answer the question of why architects should design maps.
A "Map from the Mind" of the cities of Cambridge and Somerville, Massachusetts. This map is a part of a series of mind maps, letterpressed by Archie's Press.
"Welcome to the Mata Atlantica" is a studio project that explores (and invents) the flora of the Atlantic Forest near São Paulo, Brazil. It includes over 100+ custom low-polygon 3D models of trees, flowers and grasses to represent the space and ecosystem of the forest.
Promiscuous Geometries, designed with Anne Graziano, is a project that plays with shadows. It uses the anamorphic projections, Boolean operations, and the inherent properties of lights and cones to create objects from shadows. This project was presented at the 107th Annual Meeting of the ACSA.
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